You are in for a real treat this Summer as The Vocal Academy has put together a programme to entertain and educate the teenager in your life during the long months when School’s Out!

There are 4 Camps to choose from, one at least of which we are confident will appeal to your significant Centre of the Universe!


Week 1: 3 – 8 July

Vocal Camp

We have run Vocal Camp every year since we’ve started and it is the centre piece to the programme. Facilitated by Bobby and Sabrina, the singers benefit from Technique (Bobby) and Styling (Sabrina) as well as being put through their paces and challenging their performance inhibitions and self defined limitations. We work through harmony, group work, vocal health, technique, style. The week culminates with a performance where the singers get to perform some of the music they prepared during the week.

We will also have a very special guest who will conduct a Q&A. TBA. Watch this space!!



Week 2: 17 – 21 July

Band Camp

One of the difficulties for those learning a musical instrument is finding the opportunity to play their music along with others. Under the watchful eye of David McDonald (The Vocal Academy, Fox E & The Good Hands – Electric Picnic, Oxygen, et al) the musicians will be put through their paces, collaborating and learning the disciplines of working with other musicians in a professional and fun environment.

Special Guest Speaker tba.



Week 3: 31  July – 4 August

Musical Theatre and Audition Prep

Hosted by Diarmuid Coffey (The Vocal Academy Vocal and Piano Instructor, Gaeity School of Acting, London College of Music) this intensive week deals with how to prepare for an Audition and how to Audition. So much time is spent on learning the tools of the performance (and rightly so) however not so much emphasis is placed on how to win that role in that show. Here we address, song choice, Bel Canto, Age Appropriate Audition pieces, Cold Reading, Improvisation, the Principals of Preparation. This is a must for anybody who has desires to perform at a higher level.

Special Guest Speaker tba.



Week 4: 14 – 19 August

Beginner Camp

This camp is designed to introduce beginners to various different musical instruments in a week where we learn through fun music games the very basics of Piano/Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar and Vocal Technique. We hope to engender a love for learning music and hopefully some of the attendees will be motivated to continue their music education because they want to!


Bobby: Vocals, Guitar

Diarmuid: Vocals, Piano/Keyboard

David: Guitar/Ukulele/Bass




Super Important!!!

While age is a consideration when sending anybody to Camp or music class, the MOST important defining factor is that the student has a mature mindset and has a certain amount of self discipline.

The camps are intensive and we expect that there will be a certain amount of homework done during the week (particularlyVocal Camp and Musical Theatre & Audution Prep) which means that those who consider their camp time to be merely a means to be entertained for the week will not gain the benefits from the camp and will potentially deter from the enjoyment of the camp of other students.

Aside from Beginner Camp the week is a melting pot of what it means to be a professional entertainer which basically means hard work but the benefit of huge payoffs!! We want the camps to be fun for everybody, so discipline is central to this. As long as this is understood by everybody then the Camps will be of significant value to everybody who attends.


Places are limited and payment must be made before the camp begins.

A deposit of €50 secures your place on the camp.

Camp Fee is €149.



Family Rates apply

Discounts for Vocal Academy Students attending Summer Term


Phone: +353 (0)86 253 8193
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