Frequently Asked Questions By Singers

Do I need to prepare anything for my first visit to the Vocal Academy?

No. The initial process we adhere to is an easy going chat about you, your history of singing (whether at home in the shower or once a year at Christmas or semi-pro or professional performer), what your goals are and that kind of thing. We’ll assess your voice and go through some initial prescribed exercises that will start the process of ironing out your tendency until further evaluation (which is ongoing).

It is never any harm to have a song ready to work on.

How long before I see an improvement in my voice?

Just like a fingerprint or iris scan, everybody’s voice is completely unique to themselves. Improvements can be made (and heard) within one lesson or notable changes can be made over a longer period of time.
All we ask is that, given each student leaves with a recording of each lesson, that they practice the exercises regularly (EVERY DAY). As with anything of this nature, it is the quality more so than the quantity of practice that the individual does in their own time that defines how quickly you will get to your required goals

Do I really sing from my diaphragm?

Sound is generated at the level of the vocal folds.  ‘Diaphragmatic support’ is a term that has been used to describe the concept of ‘breath support’ during vocalization. However, the diaphragm is active during inspiration- when you draw air into you lungs; the muscles of the abdomen are in use during expiration. You sing and speak on expiration.

Does honey help my voice?

While honey has some good qualities it doesn’t reach your vocal folds directly when you swallow it. Eating honey does not have a direct benefit on the voice. 


Drinking a lot of water can be of benefit. But remember that leaving it until the day of the performance is leaving to too late. For your Larynx to be properly hydrated, water needs to be consumed at least 24 hours before performance at the latest. More importantly however why not introduce water to your diet as a minimum (2 litres per day) and you will never have to ‘address this issue’! 

Tell you what though. Have you ever tried Steaming? Unlike water or food, breathing steam means that the hot vapour will pass directly past your vocal folds. This will both hydrate and warm direct at source. Just be careful not to use boiling water! You dont need to cook them!

When I get sick is Green Tea or Black Tea better for my voice?

Neither, both teas contain caffeine and can dry your vocal folds.  Some good alternatives include caffeine free herbal tea, red tea (which has similar antioxidant as green tea) or warm water.

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