Studio Policy

  1. Rules and Regulations

• If absolutely necessary, the school reserves the right to make changes to teachers’ timetables where necessary.
• All students must aim to have a suitable instrument of their own on which to practise. Pinao Students: Keyboards are not recommended but may suffice for the first year, if necessary. Advice can be given regarding the selection of an instrument and so feel free to contact us for any help needed here.
• Students must bring all the necessary music and notebooks to each lesson. If a student fails to turn up with the correct materials, the teacher is under no obligation to provide a lesson that day.
• Lessons are non-refundable and non-transferable.
• If a student arrives late for their lesson, the lost time cannot be made up at the end of the lesson.
• All students must undertake to commit to regular practise in accordance with the guidelines given by their teacher.
• Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner while at class, and all properties must be treated respectfully at all times.
• Snacks may be consumed on the premises but should be disposed of carefully in bins provided and hands washed afterwards.
• Hands must be washed just prior to the lesson, on the premises, even if having been washed before leaving home.
• Chewing gum is not permitted inside any teaching studio.

2. 36-Hour Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy For One to One Instruction

Regardless of circumstances, The Vocal & Music Academy operates a 36 Hour Cancellation Policy.

Private lessons not cancelled or rescheduled at least 36 hours before start time will be charged full rate. The cancellation policy is available only to students who pay the full rate of instruction. Students on discounted packages can only have classes rescheduled at the discretion of the teacher and only when there is time in their schedule to reschedule the class to.

Our Cancellation Policy exists in order students can rearrange classes in good time should they need to attend pre arranged hospital appointments, pre appointed dental visits, holidays, etc. The do not exist for the purpose of deciding to attend other events or to cover for illness. For your convenience each Confirmation & Reminder Email contains a Zoom link so that the class can at least be taken online in these circumstances.

The option to reschedule before the 36 hours commences is available to all except Discounted Classes (incl. School Term Packages), in the Booking Confirmation Email.

It is the responsibility of the student to reschedule appointments and not the responsibility of the Studio or the Teacher. If for some reason the client is unable to manage this operation it is their responsibility to let the studio know in good time that the class needs to be Rescheduled.

If you are Registered via the website you can reschedule lessons by logging in.

If cancelled prior to 36 hours it is the studio policy to reschedule or credit that fee against the next lesson.

If a class time has been held by the Teacher/Studio on the shared assumption by both the Student/Guardian and the Teacher/Studio that the Student/Guardian will pay for that class in cash (or otherwise) at the time of the class and is then cancelled by the Student/Guardian it is considered that the class has been cancelled and is therefore subject to the 36 Hour Cancellation Policy.

When making a Booking at The Vocal & Music Academy you are booking the teacher for their time. Please respect our livelihoods.

3. Prepaid Lesson Fees

Bookings are considered made only once payment is received.

Accepted payment methods: Website, Stripe, Bank Transfer or Cash. In the event of a late cancellation or rescheduling (less than 36 hours notice) or a no-show, the prepaid lesson fee will be forfeit.

The cost of a lesson at The Vocal & Music Academy is at the rate outlined in our Book A Class section.

4. School Term Packages

All School Term Packages are purchased with a discount already included. As such they do not adhere to the 36 hour Cancellation Policy. The terms of School Term Packages mean that classes must be taken during that same School Term at the time set out in the schedule for that student. The only distinction from this is if a class has been rescheduled by the teacher in which case the class can be rescheduled at another time by prior agreement with the teacher and subject to availability.

Due to time constraints and the discount applied, rescheduling or cancelling of lessons is not permitted. If a class cannot be taken at its original scheduled time it is forfeit unless by prior agreement with the teacher.

5. Refund Policy

Lesson fees paid in advance are always redeemable (before their expiry date) but not refundable or transferable.

If a prepaid lesson is cancelled before the 36 hour cancellation deadline (not including School Term Package Classes), a lesson credit will be issued to the client that may be applied to a future booking, so long as it is used up before its expiry date (see below.)

6. Expiry Dates

All prepaid lesson fees have a date when they expire:

  • Lesson Series & Individual Lessons: 12 months from purchase
  • Gift certificates for a Lesson Amount: 12 months from purchase
    (Gift cards for a Euro amount have no expiry date)
  • School Term Packages must be used by the end of that School Term and will not be carried beyond.

7. School Group Class Attendance Policy

Purpose: At the VMA, we prioritise the importance of regular attendance in our group classes to ensure the best possible learning experience for all students. Consistent attendance contributes significantly to student progress, group cohesion, and overall class dynamics.

7.1 Attendance Expectations:

  1. Regular Attendance: Students are expected to attend all scheduled Group Classes.
  2. Punctuality: Students are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes before each class session in order to allow them to plug in, tune up, etc. Late arrival disrupts the class and may result in missed instruction or learning opportunities.
  3. Notification of Absence: In the event of an absence, parents/guardians are asked to notify the school office or the respective instructor as soon as possible.
  4. Policy on Makeup Classes and Credits: As a policy, there are no makeup classes or credits available for missed classes in any of our group sessions without exception.

7.2 Policy Enforcement:

  1. Monitoring Attendance: Attendance records will be maintained by the school administration or respective instructors for each group class session.
  2. Communication with Parents/Guardians: Parents/guardians will be notified of any patterns of irregular attendance or excessive absences. Collaboration between parents/guardians and school staff is encouraged to address attendance issues promptly.
  3. Consequences for Excessive Absences: Excessive absences without valid reasons may result in academic consequences, such as a review of the student’s progress or participation in the class.

Regular attendance is a fundamental aspect of successful learning in group classes at the VMA. Excessive absence can significantly impact a child’s ability to keep up with the rest of the class in several ways:

  1. Missed Instruction: Each class session typically builds upon previous lessons. Missing classes means missing out on crucial instruction, explanations, and demonstrations that are essential for understanding new concepts. This can result in gaps in knowledge that make it difficult for the child to comprehend subsequent material.
  2. Limited Practice Opportunities: Class time often includes hands-on practice, group activities, and discussions that reinforce learning. Excessive absence deprives the child of valuable opportunities to practice and apply what they’ve learned, hindering their ability to develop and retain skills.
  3. Lack of Reinforcement: Regular attendance allows students to receive continuous reinforcement of key concepts through repetition and review. Without consistent participation, a child may struggle to reinforce their learning independently, leading to a weaker grasp of the material.
  4. Disconnection from Class Dynamics: Group classes often foster a collaborative learning environment where students interact with peers and engage in collective learning experiences. Excessive absence can result in the child feeling disconnected from their classmates, potentially impacting their motivation and engagement in the learning process.
  5. Difficulty in Catching Up: Trying to catch up on missed material can be challenging and overwhelming, especially if the child has fallen behind significantly. This can lead to frustration, stress, and a sense of inadequacy, further impeding their ability to keep up with the rest of the class.
  6. Missing too many classes: Will result in teachers having to slow down momentum and progress in order to bring errant students back to speed which is inherently unfair on the rest of the class. We appreciate the cooperation of students, parents/guardians and instructors in upholding this attendance policy to create a positive and enriching educational environment.

8. Teacher Cancellation

If the teacher needs to cancel a lesson, a make-up lesson may be booked at a time that is available. If the student is unable to attend the lesson is forfeit.

Given the nature of our business it can occasionally happen that a teacher may need to cancel the lesson in order to attend an Educational Event, perform at a funeral, wedding, etc. Generally where it is known well in advance. Notice will be given or in some circumstances there will be no classes booked on that day. Teachers are also susceptible to illness. If a class cannot take place due to a teacher being ill, a make-up lesson will be arranged.

If a class has not been paid for it is not considered a booking and therefore cannot be cancelled.

If a class time has been held by the Teacher/Studio on the shared assumption by both the Student/Guardian and the Teacher/Studio that the Student/Guardian will pay for that class in cash or otherwise at the time of the class and is then cancelled by the Student/Guardian it is considered that the class has been cancelled and is therefore subject to the 36 Hour Cancellation Policy.

9. Holiday Lessons Are Not Automatically Cancelled

Prior notice will be given when The Vocal & Music Academy is closed due to a holiday or special event. Otherwise, please assume that lessons are scheduled as usual.

If you wish to move or cancel your lesson due to a holiday, please see the 36-Hour Cancellation or Rescheduling Policy.

10. Tardiness

If you arrive late, your lesson will still end at the scheduled time. This loss of time will not be made up at another time. If you arrive on time but the previous lesson runs late, you will be given your full allotted time. Please be on time, but try not to arrive any more than 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson to limit disruption of the previous lesson.

11. Turn-Around Time

All teaching time ends 3-5 minutes before the end of the 30 or 60 minute appointed time to allow for turn-around time between clients.

12. Mailing List

By signing up to this classes at The Vocal & Music Academy, booking a class or joining our mail group you agree to subscribe to our mail shot. We only send out mail shots with important information related to the school although not every piece of news. For more up to date fluid news you should follow our Facebook Page. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time.

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