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I have had a number of singing lessons with Bobby and I can’t speak highly enough of my experience. I was really nervous when I started, having never done any singing lessons before, but Bobby was so patient, positive, encouraging and knowledgeable that he put me at ease from the start. From those who have never had lessons before to those who are at the more experienced end and looking for a vocal coach, you won’t find a better teacher than Bobby.
Jan 2021, Caroline O

Fantastic experience with The Vocal Academy ! Both of our children have finished their first term and both of them love it! All the staff are very friendly and professional and both of the kids are really looking forward to the next term. Highly recommended!
Jan 2021, Mark L

My 14 year old daughter has just started taking lessons with The Vocal Academy, she is taking Music for her Junior Cycle and needs to build her confidence for her Classroom Based Assessment. The Vocal Academy has been excellent at building her confidence and working on her voice projection. On the website it is very easy to book a lesson at a time that suits my daughter and the rest of the family.
Dec 2020, Aoife G

Highly recommend the Vocal Academy. The approach with their students is fantastic. Every week, without fail, lessons are thoroughly enjoyed thanks to the encouraging and positive sessions provided by the wonderfully talented teachers. Thank you to all at the Academy.
Dec 2020, Michelle F

David (Guitar) is very helpful and patient. I am learning playing the bass guitar and started not knowing anything of playing the bass, but I love it. We connect online every week for half an hour, I am making good progress and start already playing along songs I like.
Dec 2020, Richard V

I can’t recommend Bobby at the Vocal Academy enough. I have never had signing lessons and I was extremely nervous coming into my first one but straight away I was put at ease by Bobby’s wonderful personality and teaching style. I now look forward to my lessons every week and have seen such an improvement in my voice already!
October 2020, Sarah G

I have just started taking vocal lessons with Bobby. The atmosphere is friendly and intimate and his passion for music is clear. He has helped me feel so much more comfortable singing in front of people !
October 2020, Nikolai B

I’ve only taken 3 lessons with Bobby Harpur and oh my days do I feel at home!! He’s helped me not only improve my vocals but be more confident within myself. The best of the best at The Vocal Academy!!!
September 2020, Kerry O

I’ve been attending the Vocal Academy for the last 5 years mainly the adult 10 week courses with a few one on ones in between with Bobby. My voice has changed, its improved a lot. The classes are great. Good fun while learning and doing the showcase at the end is an amazing experience. Would highly recommend Bobby and his team
September 2020, Aideen L

Bobby is great. He is patient and he listens to what your needs are. He has great vocal range and is really knowledgeable
August 2020, Nadine A

Great teacher, very interested and accompanied to my vocal goals
August 2020, Chris B

These lessons (with Lisa) have fast become one of the highlights of my week.
March 2019, Kevin D

I took Vocal lessons with vocal coach Diarmuid Coffey in preparation for an audition. Diarmuid was an excellent teacher. He helped me prepare and calm my nerves and taught me great techniques to help strengthen my voice. I can happily say I was successful in my audition and I couldn’t have done it without him.
March 2019, Emma R

I started working with Bobby 2 months ago and am loving it. I am a 59 year old who has sung all my life, but always felt I could be better, if I found my true voice. Now I think I am finally on the right path, thanks to the Vocal Academy.
Bobby is helpful, challenging and “we” are getting there.
Book a lesson with Bobby…..it’s never too late!
January 2019, Donal O

My son has been in Bobbys Glee Club for the past year. Bobby has given him so much encouragement, he’s an excellent tutor and this was demonstrated in the amazing showcase in the courtyard. Well done to everyone involved, such an array of amazing talent.
December 2018, Tracy G

My son is currently taking guitar lessons with Dave, who is an absolutely brilliant guy. My son really looks forward to his lesson every Wednesday and thinks Dave is the best teacher ever as he gives him the freedom to learn songs he likes aswell which makes it fun and keeps him interested. I couldn’t recommend Dave enough.
September 2018, Norah H

Diarmuid is a great teacher. I’m an experienced musician but I have never had my voice properly trained. I’m in my second term (10 lessons) and I feel I’ve made an incredible journey so far. The lesson is entirely focused around my natural vocal ability and limitations. Diarmuid works towards what my goals are as a singer and the type of material I want to sing. The lessons are also very good value. You can pay for 10 lessons and get a substantial discount.
May 2018, Alan F

I love singing, I always have. I sing in a choir with lots of good singers. But, I didn’t want to be just a good singer. When I walked in for my first lesson with Bobby I didn’t know what to expect. First off, he was very friendly and put me at ease very quickly. Secondly, he was great fun. He taught me some fantastic warm up exercises, which I find myself still using even though I no longer go to him for lessons. The only reason for this is because I needed an early morning lesson while my children were in play school, the evening lessons didn’t suit. I would recommended Vocal Academy to everyone who wants to improve and have lots of fun while doing it.
April 2018, Audrey M

I recorded my voice before and after going to the Vocal Academy.
The difference is almost night and day. It was a slow process but worth it in the end.

Bobby thought me some great warm up techniques that I use all the time now.

I’m still improving and hopefully with more practice I’ll achieve what I was aiming for.
December 2017, Stephen O

I  singing…in fact it’s how I communicate best!
I wanted to get help at strengthening my voice for a long time but never found the time or the right coach.

By chance in a coffee shop queue a year ago in Celbridge I met Bobby Harpur.
I was grabbing a quick coffee pre drama youth work. While waiting we discussed working with children and teens and the importance of encouraging them to find their voice and craft and nurturing it.

I mentioned to Bobby that I’m always singing at Speech and Drama classes and workshops. He invited me to try a class at his school for free with no pressure.

I went a week or two later to his studio in Leixlip and liked it.

Here I smiled and laughed while he encouraged me to do some vocal exercises and try out a song I’d like to try.

A few days later I listened back to our recorded class and was pleasantly surprised. it wasn’t bad! And I was laughing a lot!

Bobby is a fantastic vocal coach.. a year later I now know the difference between my head and my chest voice. He has tailored vocal techniques for me to practice.

Bobby has a knack of guiding what I’d like to achieve in each vocal class. He listens with encouragement and can quickly tune the tweaks needed in the song I’ve chosen to do. He suggests harmonies and arrangements too. Bobby has charted songs I’ve written; how cool is that!

This is a sincere heartfelt testimonial to Bobby Harpur: Thank you my friend for taking me under your wing and for helping me sing.

I’m no rockstar but you’re the best vocal coach by far.

Keep on rocking!
June 2017, Mary S

What a fantastic teaching method. Bobby has helped me achieve much more than I ever dreamed even possible, giving me freedom and expression in my singing. I cannot recommend The Vocal Academy highly enough!!
March 2017, Mark P

My daughter has been attending Bobby for the last six months. Moreover than her improved vocal technique, it’s her inner confidence and self belief that all the family have noticed. I can’t recommend the Vocal Academy enough, the relaxed friendly approach makes for teaching that is enjoyable and fun! Highly recommend these guys!
January 2017, Emer C

I can highly recommend The Vocal Academy. The exercises that Bobby showed me, and his advice on my vocal technique, have greatly helped my singing. His enthusiasm for his work shines through and is very infectious,
January 2017, Tom O

Our two sons attended Diarmuid Coffey’s Speech and Drama classes in Cavan for two years. He inspired and encouraged them to believe in themselves and achieve.
The boys always found his classes to be entertaining and stimulating while they made great strides in learning the craft of Speech and Drama. One of our sons in May 2016 was awarded the High Achievers Medal in in the RIAM Speech and Drama examinations. We wish Diarmuid every success in his new position.
January 2017, Tommy M

Diarmuid has been my daughters vocal coach for the past 12 months. His relaxed, friendly approach and technique has greatly improved her confidence and vocal range in her pursuit of a career in musical theatre. I would have no hesitation in recommending Diarmuid to anyone wishing to improve their vocal abilities.
October 2016, Anji P

Diarmuid is a fantastic teacher.In two years my daughter went from being too self consious to sing in front of family even to a confident powerful singer.She sat school of Rock exams which she aced and then volunteered to sing in front of her whole school.Thank you Diarmuid for developing her confidence and her talent.
October 2016, Ursula F

I enjoyed playing guitar and singing at home for years, I was looking to improve my singing but I had reached a plateau, and just couldn’t seem to progress. I looked up vocal training/ singing lessons and found The Vocal Academy in Leixlip. During my first assessment Bobby instantly identified the hurdles holding me back, who knew I had a tendency for falsetto and vocal flip. Over the next 10 weeks Bobby has helped me address this, I would call it a breakthrough, Bobby has helped me improve my singing ability, tone, range, and singing confidence, I’m so happy I got professional training, I’m only sorry I didn’t make the move earlier. I would highly recommend Bobby at The Vocal Academy for vocal training.
October 2016, Chris S

Diarmuid Coffey of The Vocal Academy, Leixlip taught my two daughters over the past two years in Cavan. He is so enthusiastic, warm and inspirational and my girls looked forward to his classes every week where his knowledge and capability brought out the very best in their abilities and developed in them a real love for singing. Our loss is truly Vocal Academy’s gain. We miss you Diar!!
October 2016, Olivia S

I wish I had discovered the Vocal Academy one year ago when i first took up singing! I have received Skype only lessons from Bobby as i live in Northern Ireland. And already after 7 lessons i have gained at least 2 notes on my range. I describe myself as of poor talent, so this means alot to me. I had tried some very genuine opera teachers over the past year but made little to no progress. Bobby has been outstanding and from the the very first lesson he identified a basic flaw in my voice. He had focused on this and the results have been encouraging. I highly recommend him – he truly is a Maestro.
June 2016, Colin B

I’d have rated this 5 stars, but perfection’s not out there. This comes pretty damn close. Bobby’s positivity is infectious, and is a massive part of the reason I’ve come so far in just 3 short months – time flies when you’re having fun 🙂 If 1:1 lessons aren’t your thing, he does group lessons and open mic nights: just look up “the leap sessions leixlip”
June 2016, Daire O’B

I’ve been taking classes with Bobby for 6 months now, I’m absolutely loving every second, and have seen a great improvement in my singing. The classes are informative, constructive, enjoyable and fun. Having had many voice lessons in my youth, I’m finding I’m learning more at a quicker pace with the vocal Acadamy. I couldn’t recommend the vocal Acadamy highly enough. This is the place to go to really enjoy your lessons and gain knowledge and control of your voice. A real added bonus for me personally as a working professional, is that the lessons can be done over Skype saving me 2 hours travel time. I’m sure this would also have been a big plus for my mother, back in my teenage days when she gave up many an evening for me to take vocal lessons over an hours drive away. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Vocal Academy or Bobby to anyone.
June 2016, Jeanie C

This was my first ever attempt at singing, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect, it was just for fun. I thought it would be really awkward and I was a bit nervous. I had a brilliant time with Bobby, he’s an excellent teacher, he really puts you at ease and surprisingly the lessons were great fun. He can pinpoint exactly your strengths and weaknesses and help you consistently improve. I would recommend Bobby to anyone!
May 2016, Karen N

I went to Bobby because I have been having difficulty with my voice after been singing for many years. He was able to almost instantly identify what I needed and suggested changes I could make in my singing technique. He tailors each class to my individual needs and is always willing and able to explain any of the concepts he is teaching me. He is a really jovial and knowledgeable guy who is a gigging singer and musician himself. I also expect he would be great with anyone who may be nervous. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him (and have done on many occasions).
April 2016, Martin C

For me the word ‘SING’ was the word that came after the words ‘OH PLEASE DON’T’.

Then the word turned up on my BUCKET LIST. Now, Buckets lists are sacred, so I agreed one boozy night to go along to a voice assessment.

Some days later, and sober, I plucked up the courage to expose my efforts face to face with Bobby. To my surprise he agreed to get me singing.

I kept the lessons a secret for six months for fear of ridicule.

What happened?

It turns out I could always sing but just didn’t know how to. It was like the first fish that developed legs and emerged from the swamp. He had legs but couldn’t walk. Then with exercise and experience the fish was soon staggering around and getting better by the day.

Bobby has the expertise. After lots of bubbles and exercises and scales of all sorts (except the fishy kind), I too started to stagger about vocally, like a fish out of water. That fish was a long way from the 4 minute mile and I’m a long way from the X factor but I now enjoy singing and am getting better every day thanks to Bobby’s guidance, patience and most of all his infectious enthusiasm and optimism.

Whether you’re a CAN’T who wants to become a CAN, or a CAN who wants to become a BETTER, or (well you get the drift)…… I highly recommend Bobby.
November 2015, Mick F

Bobby (The Vocal Academy) is an absolute star. I was extremely nervous going in for my first lesson but he quickly put me at ease. He is very patient and great to work with. Having spent 36 years avoiding signing, I now have the confidence to sing along in front of people. Thanks Bobby for making a dream come through!
October 2015, Louise G

I started with Bobby back in June. My voice and confidence have come on a lot since then. He works with your strengths and is always constructive not critical . If you have any interest in singing I would definitely recommend the Vocal Academy.
October 2015, Aideen L

Great singing lessons. My daughters voice has improved lots with Bobbys help. He is great with kids. Very enthusiastic and students choose the songs they want to work on.
August 2015, Rachael A

I would highly recommend Bobby as a vocal teacher. He tailored the lessons towards the singing style I wanted to pursue rather than forcing into a classical singing style as many other vocal teachers do. He also was able to pinpoint the exact issues I was having with my voice and gave me specific exercises to address them, rather than giving me a load of generic ones. As well as that, he’s an absolutely lovely fellow, very optimistic and encouraging, and always tried to accommodate whenever possible.
May 2015, Conor C

I thoroughly enjoyed my singing lesson experience! I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but was immediately put at ease. My instructor Bobby made the lesson fun. He identified what I needed to work on and gave me great advise. I would recommenced this professional and friendly academy without hesitation.
March 2015, Marty C

If you want an instructer who pushes you and challenges you to really work hard then Bobby is the instructer for you. He points out exactly what you need to work on and works hard to help you achieve your goal. I have grown in confidence since i started with Bobby and am now starting to recognise if there is something i need work on. I would highly reccomend Bobby and the vocal accademy.
March 2015, Colina M

Over the course of three months my voice has improved massively with the help of Vocal Academy, an improvement I just wasn’t seeing with other singing teachers. The teacher is friendly, knowlegeable and tailors each lesson to what the student is aiming for.
February 2015, Odhran M

I started to work on my voice with Bobby Harpur at The Vocal Academy in Maynooth a few months ago. When I went for my first lesson, I didn’t quite know what I was aiming for and what I could be doing with my voice. I always liked to sing, for my own enjoyment, at home and definitely not in public. After only 7 or 8 lessons, I realized that my range and pitch were improving. Bobby even gave me the confidence to go up on stage during an open mic night, something I never thought I would be able to do. He pushed me and because of the confidence he had in me, I found the nerve to go up there and sing – and I loved it!

After that I decided that I wanted to go gigging. A long way for someone who never thought of singing anywhere else but at home. Bobby was and is still being very helpful in choosing songs, working on perfecting them and preparing a set list and even setting me up with a musician. He is happy to answer all my questions and is patiently continuing to work on my voice and sing without effort. If there’s anything I do regret in regards to Bobby and The Vocal Academy it’s that I didn’t have the nerve to contact them years ago! If you want to see how far your voice an take you, if you are a perfectionist and want it to sound like it should be sounding, don’t make the same mistake I made, don’t mull it over in your head for years. Just give them a ring and book an appointment!
December 2014, Alex M

My Daughter (Ella-Bleu) aged 14 has been a pupil of the Vocal Academy for over a year now. Ella-Bleu thoroughly enjoys the class and her voice has improved so much with Bobby’s teaching techniques. I would have no hesitation in recommending taking up classes with the Vocal Academy.
December 2014, Amanda K

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