So we’re back again and not a minute too soon!! We’re looking for a few brave souls who want to put themselves through the torture of singing (with a mic!!!) in a public place under the guidance of a vengeful, sadistic and people hating Corporal Sergeant type vocal instructor!!!

Well not quite. Although we do understand that this is actually what some of you in the past who have taken this fun course had thought you were signing up to. Of course it can certainly be slightly disconcerting to willingly put yourself through this process when you might suffer from Performance Anxiety or have suffered from nerves in previous attempts at performing publicly or even at family events.

So what should you expect when you book onto this course?

  • You will have to choose a song
  • You will have to sing
  • You will have to practice
  • You will have to make the classes
  • You get out of this what you put in!

So what can you expect to gain when you book onto this course?

  • That you can learn how to deal with nerves relating to publicly performing
  • That you will gain valuable insights into how your voice works and understand why your voice doesn’t behave the way you want it to
  • We can give you professional instruction on technical and performance tips that suit you and to help you balance your voice better so that you can more easily control your singing
  • We can help you with song choice if you are unsure as to what may or may not suit your voice
  • We offer a Free of Charge a private 30 minute, one-on-one voice session for each participant

The most important aspect of this course is that we have fun, we’re not afraid of our mistakes and we set our goals realisitcally. Singing should be enjoyment for everybody and not treated with fear. Our instructor is professionally certified with the IVA (Institute for Vocal Advancement) and has 30 years+ of performance experience from Musical Theater, Big Band, Solo, Rock Group and even Religious. He runs a GLEE Club/Acapella group for 10-14 year olds and an Old Folks/Dementia Choir as well as teaching privately throughout the week.

We have room for 10 singers on this short course! Which is more of a JOURNEY! Self discovery, challenging, scary (sometimes) and ultimately, incredibly fulfilling and empowering! Do not miss this opportunity to be part of something very special!

To book your place on this course you can click here.


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