Happy 10th Birthday!

In December 2023 we celebrated 10 years & 2024 marks the beginning of our 11th year. We started off in a room in Maynooth, moved to Main Street, Leixlip in 2015 and to our new home on Easton Road during Easter last year in 2023.

As with many businesses in Ireland there are huge challenges running a music school. Balancing fee’s against costs and resources and making sure we pay your teachers a fair wage for their time and skill level is always a tough balance. We want to remain competitive but our teachers also need to pay their bills.

Teaching Music is thankfully no longer seen by those looking in as simply a hobby and there’s the beginnings of the sense that the real value of what learning music brings to people’s emotional well-being, their ability to problem solve and overall better cognition is beginning to be recognised and valued, albeit slowly.

As a Community based business we are very lucky to be based in Leixlip. To have the support of you – your trust, the support of Leixlip GAA who see the benefit of working with an organisation such as ourselves, is not lost on us. We are very thankful.

Going into 2024 we feel an overall sense of privilege to be trusted with what we do. In just 10 years we are now one of the Top 5 rated music schools in Ireland (Google) and our plan is to build on the work we do in the Community and to provide better platforms for our students and the greater community of North Kildare to perform, to sing, to learn together.  With your support we can do this.

So on behalf of myself and all the teachers at the VMA we’d like to thank you & wish you a most musical 2024!

Yours in music


Phone: +353 (0)86 253 8193
Croí Laighean Development Centre, Easton Rd, Easton, Leixlip, Co. Kildare, W23 X9RP