Happy New Year! And we really mean that. Happy. New. Year!

There have been many studies undertaken since time and memorial that look into the benefits of singing and I think that it is unequivocal at this point, that Singing can only benefit the person.

Here at The Vocal Academy in Leixlip we totally buy into this. We see it every day at our studio where many singers take steps every day into a better world for them. Whether for short term fixes or longer term more tangible results we are happy to help where we can. For some people, one-to-one singing lessons are the first step to the benefits that apply to singing. For others there are singing groups available both here at The Vocal Academy and elsewhere via Adult Singing Classes and various choirs around the country.

The most recent study published in the Royal Society’s open Journal from Oxford University looked at how the participants of Adult Education Groups bonded over 7 months and their conclusions were conclusive. Singing Groups bond quicker together than writing or craft groups!!

What does this mean? Well simply, us humans in deference to our primate cousins exist in larger social groups than they do. It is an inherent need in us. Singing is part of all human societies and can be performed by almost anybody. The study set out to find if there was something special about singing as opposed to other group activities. And while at the end of the study period each group had developed bonds, it was conclusive that the singer did this far quicker than the other groups. The benefit in all of this is stronger bonds with each other, singing breaks the ice better and gets the group together faster than the other groups.

Ultimately, close relationships we have with each other and small groups will always happen one way or another. The difference here is that singing is a great way to kick start this process. Witnessing the growth of the group of singers that took part in our first Adult Singing Group we could only agree with this. So much so in fact that we are looking forward to starting The Vocal Academy GLEE Club (more news to follow) early in 2016.

The new year promises to be a tremendous year for all of our singers! As well as the singing classes at the studio we will have more time slots available for one to one classes and as well as starting our GLEE Club we will be running the Vocal Summer Camp again as well as running more Adult Singing Groups.

So with all these happy pheromones flying around, The Vocal Academy will be one of the happiest places to spend time in during 2016. Seriously! Who doesn’t want to be happy!!!


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