New Schedule 2022

New In-Studio 2022 Schedule

This Schedule represents IN STUDIO class availability. If you are an ONLINE Student or wish to take classes Online this does not affect you.

On one hand we are always looking at ways in which we can improve our service and availability. On the other hand we are working under crazy circumstances.

We began the year in Lockdown and during 2021 have expanded from 3 teachers in January to 6 teachers today. This is no small fete given the environment we all now have to work. So first off I want to take this opportunity to express the greatest of appreciation and thanks to all the Teachers at The Vocal Academy (David, Roisin, Cemal, Anél and Ignacio not to mention Diarmuid and Sabrina) who’ve had to deal with monumental changes to their careers as well as concerns about their futures, while at the same time showing up with big smiles on their faces, teaching, encouraging and providing incredible service and positivity to all of our students.

Following some enforced late changes to the schedule back in September 2021 & having had the benefit of running with those changes last term we find we need to streamline the Schedule (see image) from January 2022. We have managed to keep changes to an absolute minimum however they have affected a very small number of classes.

As a small independent music school we work with limited resources and with the current environment being extremely challenging given how music and those who rely on the music industry have generally been treated in the last 22 months by our Government, the current circumstances have dictated that we haven’t been able to (nor cannot) rely on Performing/Performances for the foreseeable future as a means to support our business.

Performing is a huge part of our business and the business of a lot of our students, we are members of the Music and Entertainers Association of Ireland. The MEAI are doing staunch work in the background to help full time musicians who have basically had their whole careers turned upside down during the pandemic. Unfortunately these are the cards we’ve been dealt and working in this new environment has contributed considerably to the changes we’ve had to implement.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and continued support. We could not do this without you.

We would also like to extend an invitation for those of you we haven’t seen in a while to pop back in to us for a lesson. You are more than welcome. We would be delighted to see you!



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