The Vocal Academy is now taking bookings for the new School Term.

As ever, this time of year we implore all of our regular students to confirm as soon as possible that you would like to return and whether you want to keep the same time slot, change time slot, whether you would like to have a time slot the same as a sibling or any other important detail.

We would also appreciate if you could let us know the contrary, i.e. if you do not plan on returning so that we have an idea of which new slots we have available to new students.



At The Vocal Academy we endeavour to work with everybody as much as possible in order to make sure as many people/families get their preferred option so We need you to come back to us as soon as possible and confirm.



Outside of the straightforward Pay At The Start Of Term you can avail of the following options:

  • 2 Payments
  • Subscription
  • Sibling Discounts


Over the last year we have seen increases in all of Rent, Rates and Insurance, so it is with regret that we have been pushed into the position of increasing some of our prices. We have however kept our Base Rates the same. All prices are available HERE and HERE for you to look at.

In order to make sure that we remain competitive we have compared our pricing to other Schools that have their own premises and offer one-to-one attention. This comparison was compared against Schools in similar demographic and we are very confident that we have remained competitive against each of these schools. Those who are currently on Subscription Packages have been unaffected.



As usual we have been and are continuing to maintain and improve our own education so that we can offer the best instruction available from both the perspective of Qualification and Experience – as you know we are all out there in some form or another gigging, writing, recording, etc. All of these go to ensuring we are in the position to instruct from a more overall approach alongside and supporting the foundation of technique.

Our whole goal is to give the tools to EVERYBODY who comes into us for instruction that will allow them the to improve their current state of skill/talent (whichever you subscribe to!)

We agree that music and performing should be available to EVERYBODY. To this end The Vocal Academy:

  • Offer Adult Singing Group where EVERYBODY gets the opportunity to sing out front.
  • Provide Kids Summer Camps where EVERYBODY gets the opportunity to sing/perform out front.
  • Host GLEE Club where EVERYBODY can sing and has the option to sing out front.
  • Direct an Old Folks/Dementia choir where it doesn’t matter ‘how good you are’, where EVERYBODY is encouraged to sing.
  • Hosted the very first Beginners Songwriting Course, where our singers came up with THIS after only four weeks!
  • Curated the (now sleeping) Leap Sessions where we (along with a partner) provided a platform for Singer/Songwriters locally to perform their own material.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to clarify anything you would like, wherever we can.


The Vocal Academy

Phone: +353 (0)86 253 8193
Croí Laighean Development Centre, Easton Rd, Easton, Leixlip, Co. Kildare, W23 X9RP