Summer At The VMA – including Wicked the Musical Week!

Summer 2024 Series by The Vocal & Music Academy

Happy 10th Birthday!

In December 2023 we celebrated 10 years & 2024 marks the beginning of our 11th year. We started off in a room in Maynooth, moved to Main Street, Leixlip in 2015 and to our new home on Easton Road during Easter last year in 2023. As with many businesses in Ireland there are huge challenges […]

Happy New Year

We’re really excited to welcome everybody back following the Christmas and New Year Break. We trust you’ve all had particularly musical Christmases! Term is back on the weeks starting 8th January (except Victoria (Piano) 15th Jan & Callum (Drums) 5th Feb). School going Students – You can book and pay for the new term online […]

Weekend Band Jammers Show

Our Weekend Band Jammers put on a small private show for parents and siblings in December. We are so proud of them.

Summer Jam Launch

From September to June traditionally our kids and teenagers take their weekly music lessons and it can sometimes feel a bit solitary. For teens especially, the idea of a Summer Camp simply is not an option. Back in yesteryear when I was a teen I remember there being about 15 Bands in our school. I’m […]

We’re Moving

When: First classes at the new venue will take place on the week beginning 10th April. Where: Croi Laighean Development Centre, Easton Road, Leixlip Wee are over the moon to be able to announce that we are moving into our new premises at the GAA Centre on Easton Road. In 2015 we moved from our […]

April Pub Cór

  Our next get together is Wednesday 5th April at the usual Venue (Leixlip GAA Hall). We will be regaling the famous Eagles classic ‘Take It Easy’. Tickets available online HERE Admission also available (cash only) on the door on the night. Everybody welcome This was us last month!

Couch to Performance Adult Course Open for Booking

Every year millions of adults are scarred from their experiences at Karaoke’s, Family Gatherings and even nights out in the pub simply for trying to sing out loud. Severe injuries to personal dignity brought on by deficiencies in Self Awareness have even resulted in some people never being able to sing again. If you recognise […]

Come along to our March Singalong at Pub Cór

A place where ordinary people, just like you come together to prove how un ordinary you are! In fact, where you get to show the world, or your community,… ok, or just your family, that you are Magnificent! Honestly, it’s just singing a song! Promo Code if useful if you book by 1st March – […]

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Name

  We would like to wish all of our students and their families a wonderful, musical Christmas (no matter what music you like 😉) and a musical new year! From January 2023 The Vocal Academy is changing its name to… The Vocal Academy came to being in December 2013 as an independent studio who’s purpose was […]

Piano Teacher Opportunity

The Vocal Academy was established in 2013 as a singing school and has quickly built up a reputation as a professional, nurturing, student focussed school. We’ve added Piano, Guitar and Ukulele classes over time and these areas have helped establish The Vocal Academy as one of the best schools to learn your respective instrument in […]

Pub Cór Is Back

Two years after shutting down Pub Cór is back! Held in Leixlip (in the back room of Leixlip St. Mary’s GAA Club) around the first Thursday of every month (although not always so please double check). Pub Cór open to anyone over 18 and at €7 (if you prebook) or €8 if you pay on […]

Adult Singing Group Course

After a hiatus (I’ll tell you about it another time 😉 ) we are back with our much loved Adult Singing Group Course. WHO’s IT FOR? Beginners and intermediates. WHAT IS IT? Couch to stage in 9 weeks (8 weekly classes and a performance on the last week in front of friends and family) WHERE […]

New (Temporary) Studios

The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if […]

Can You Teach Anyone To Sing? Bobby’s interview on Today FM

Bobby was asked on to the Ask Me Anything slot on Today FM’s Dermot and Dave Show to answer the question that everyone wants to know. ”I can’t sing but can you teach me how to?!” In the hot seat for Ask Me Anything this week it’s the turn of Vocal Coach, Bobby Harpur from […]

New Schedule 2022

New In-Studio 2022 Schedule This Schedule represents IN STUDIO class availability. If you are an ONLINE Student or wish to take classes Online this does not affect you. On one hand we are always looking at ways in which we can improve our service and availability. On the other hand we are working under crazy […]

Enrolling for September 2021 Now.

We are welcoming Enrolments for the new term which starts on the week of 6th September and runs for 14 classes until Christmas with a mid term break. You can book your place directly HERE Bobby (Vocal) – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (In-Studio or Online) or Monday and Friday (Online only) Diarmuid (Vocal and Piano) – […]

Summer Programme 2021

What are your plans this Summer? Have you ever wanted to make your own Music Video? Have you ever thought what would it be like to be a professional recording artist? Have you ever wondered how your favourite musicians make their music? Wonder no longer! Our Summer Programme for 2021 offers an INCREDIBLY EXCITING journey […]

Audition Prep

(10 minute read) It’s not that long after Christmas and some of you will have felt you wanted to lose a few lbs and decided in order to make the best changes you needed to see a Nutritionist and maybe book a term in at the local gym in order to give yourself the best […]

Zoom Settings for Music Classes

  Now that we have finally embraced Online Classes it is important to get the most from your time. To this end it is important to note that ZOOM is defaulted to facilitate meetings. Basically, talking and speech. The upshot as it relates to Music is that some frequencies can be lost as the voice […]

We’re BACK!!

We will be operational on a phased basis from next week for in-house classes. We have now installed plexiglass frames and students will be one side while teachers will be the other side for the duration of classes. It is not imperative that students come to the studio for classes as we are offering online […]

COVID19 Crisis

We hope you are all keeping well and good and that you and those close to you are fit, healthy, happy and making music! It has certainly been (and is) a challenging period, unprecedented and all those words we’ve been listening to on the news outlets and Social Media channels. We miss our studio and […]

Taking Classes Online

Due to the current global pandemic as a result of COVID-19 we’ve had to take our students lessons online. And so far it’s been great! If you’ve never taken an online class before no worries, we’ve been doing so ever since we opened for business. We have collectively taken classes from Australia to America, Canada […]

Public Health Notice

Coronavirus: Feels weird putting this up however best to be prepared for all eventualities. Under the circumstances where you (the singer) does not feel well and is feeling the effects of any of the symptoms propagated by COVID-19, we respectfully ask that you do not attend class in person at the studio. Instead where you […]

Talent Shows

Talent shows have been around forever. From Opportunity Knocks and New Faces to BGT and X Factor. Never as important as now, do performers need to go in with their eyes wide open. Comedian Simon Brodkin did an ‘Expose’ of BGT on his TV Show on Channel 4. It is fun but there is a […]

Special Offer For Indie Musicians

We’ve now opened up our new studio in Dublin City so as to be closer to you. So now all we need is to spread the word that we are now available in Dublin City to help you with Vocal Technique, improve your Tone, improve your Range and iron out any imbalances by strengthening your […]

Saturday Vocal Classes Available

We are thrilled to welcome the wonderful Lisa Quinn to the teaching staff at The Vocal Academy. Lisa (like ALL teachers at The Vocal Academy) is training in vocal pedagogy with The Institute for Vocal Advancement. She will be taking one to one lessons on Saturday’s and also brings with her a wealth of performance […]

Black Friday 2018

SOLD OUT! 4 Lessons for just €60! If you’ve ever thought about taking Vocal Lessons and just needed that extra little push to get you to commit, then this offer may help you reconsider. We’re also offering Guitar, Ukulele and Bass Guitar lessons as part of our Black Friday giveaway. Normally priced at €100 you […]

Putting the Singer First

For this blog I want to revisit a previous blog (but shorten it this time!) A really nice guy recently arrived into the studio. Super hardworking, gigging Pro that had come to The Vocal Academy directly from his ENT Consultant. Fortunately for him he hadn’t developed nodules or polyps however he was still dealing with […]

New Term 2018/2019

NEW TERM The Vocal Academy is now taking bookings for the new School Term. As ever, this time of year we implore all of our regular students to confirm as soon as possible that you would like to return and whether you want to keep the same time slot, change time slot, whether you would […]

Summer Camp 2018

  Summer Camp 2018 will run from July 9 – 13 at The Vocal Academy, 70 Main Street, Leixlip. We’re run the camp every year and each year it gets better and better. Places are limited however so Book Now with a deposit of €50 to hold your place. Cost €139 for the week (10% […]

The Singing Athlete

The Vocal Academy (Bobby) and Grassroots Fitness (Jarlath Hynes) have come together in what might seem an unusual collaboration. This is a long term project and while we aim to endeavour to keep it entertaining the main purpose of the collaboration is that over time YOU the singer can see that learning to sing better, […]

Becca Marie Huntsman Musical Theatre and Young Singers Workshops

Leixlip Parish Centre – Friday 4th May – 6:45pm – €15 TEACHING Becca Marie’s love of performing transformed into a love for teaching people to sing and perform so they too can experience the same joy she feels when she’s on the stage. Because of this love, she studied music at Brigham Young University ID and […]

Ella lands US TV Show Role!

We are thrilled for VA Student, Ella-Bleu Kiely who recently landed a role in US TV show, AMC’s ‘Into The Badlands‘. Ella has been working on her voice at the Vocal Academy since we started up so it is personally a very special congratulations we send out to her. It’s a testament to her talent […]

Adult Singing Group is BACK!!! 20th March

So we’re back again and not a minute too soon!! We’re looking for a few brave souls who want to put themselves through the torture of singing (with a mic!!!) in a public place under the guidance of a vengeful, sadistic and people hating Corporal Sergeant type vocal instructor!!! Well not quite. Although we do […]

Happy New Year!! 2018

Happiest of New Years to each and every one of you from the team at The Vocal Academy. It is a time of year that I always treat with joy, vigour and optimism. Joy because we are about to see an extension to the evenings. Vigour, because we are about to see an extension to […]

School Terms 2018

We’ll try to make this as easy as possible to understand: New Year Term January 8th to February 9th then February 19th to March 30th (11 weeks) Bobby – €242.00 – VOCALS Diarmuid – €220.00 – VOCALS and PIANO David – €220.00 – GUITAR Odhran – €198.00 – VOCALS   Spring Term April 9th – […]

GLEE Club/Pop Choir/Teen Singing Group REGISTRATIONS

Our GLEE Club/Pop Choir/Teen Singing Group takes place at 11:30am every Saturday of the School Term. It’s a start up and we want to build numbers as quickly as possible. It will not be perfect from day one; we will make mistakes we will be nervous we will find some parts of it challenging We […]

Style is Different Than Technique

    This is arguably one of the most confusing aspects of singing for a lot of singers. We’ve noticed down the years a lot of the singers we see through our studio haven’t had the inclination to take the time to consider that there even is a difference between Style and Technique. It just […]

Discover Your Voice Workshop: 16th September, The Chocolate Factory, Dublin 1

Book your place HERE  

OFFER: Now Enrolling for the new Term!!

Ahead of the New School Term we have a brilliant offer for you!!! If you have never taken a music lesson, we are giving away A FREE LESSON if you book in before the new term. This offer applies to new students at The Vocal Academy and is subject to availability!! To book your spot, […]

Oops! I Made A Mistake! Sorry!

    At The Vocal Academy, we’ve taught thousands of lessons down the years and although we’ve been blogging for a while we’ve not really broached this subject in Blog format. “Sorry!” Over the last few months we’ve particularly noticed a LOT of you out there are very apologetic when you come into the studio. […]

Adult Singing Showcase, Salmon Leap – 13th June

All the preparation is nearly done! All the songs have been chosen! (Nearly) all the talk has been talked!… well there’ll probably be a lot more of that in all fairness… We are just about ready to Rock the Rock!! Drum Roll Please… We are DELIGHTED to annouce that the beautiful Salmon Leap Inn will once again […]

GLEE Clup or Pop Choir!

We are currently taking names of interested 10 – 16 year olds for our Pop Choir/GLEE Club. When we have enough names we will call a start date and a Get Together so that we can meet and see what you guys want from the club. To have a general chat about how we see […]

2017 Summer Programme at The Vocal Academy Announced

You are in for a real treat this Summer as The Vocal Academy has put together a programme to entertain and educate the teenager in your life during the long months when School’s Out! There are 4 Camps to choose from, one at least of which we are confident will appeal to your significant Centre […]

Popular Adult Singing Group Is Back!

28th March, 2017!! Adult Singing, Group Classes Highly popular Adult Singing Classes return on 28th March at The Vocal Academy in Leixlip. Who Takes Part In The Classes? People who have previously taken part include: • those who have never sang in public before, • those who sing in choirs but haven’t had the opportunity to take […]

2017 Term Dates & Info

The new School Term begins back on the week beginning 9th January, 2017. It will be a 12 week term and there is a mid term break from 20th – 24th February. The second term begins on April 24th and runs for 10 weeks until the last week of June. We are currently taking BOOKINGS for the new […]

Have Yourselves Merry Little Christmases

The build up to Christmas is always one of anticipation as we close off one year and we look forward with hope to a new one. As we look back on the year which was 2016 it certainly was one of the more dramatic years. On one hand 2016 has been a truly great year! With your support we […]


NOVEMBER 25, 2016; The Vocal Academy is THRILLED to annouce our biggest ever giveaway/promotion. ALL bookings of 4 classes booked on BLACK FRIDAY ONLY will get them for ONLY €50. That is down from €95! So bookings for Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar, Ukulele all HALF PRICE! What are you waiting for!!! BOOK HERE info@vma.ie   […]

The Case For The Professional Singer

“Sometimes the hardest to love are the ones that need it the most”. It is now just over 16 months since we moved to our new studio in Leixlip and in this time we have grown steadily and thankfully continue to do so. Hopefully this trend will continue on the steady upward in the coming […]

Vocal Workshops with Andres Martorell

2 x 1.5 hour intensive workshops by Level 5 Certified Vocal Coach and University of Ireland Voice Coaching Lecturer, Andres Martorell. We will be working on the following – The Concepts of Vocal Modern Technique – How to Build up your voice – How to Reach those high notes you dream about! – How to […]

Students Getting Roles In the Helix Pantomime

The Vocal Academy is super excited for two of our hard working students who both managed to land roles in the upcoming Helix Pantomime over Christmas this year. Both Naya Rockford and Cara Adderly along with her bro David auditioned for some of the small number of parts available in this years production of ‘Aladdin’ which opens on 25th […]


Happy New Year! Well if you are a Student or a parent with young singers you know what I mean!! With the advent of the new year we have some absolutely BRILLIANT news for you! We are now offering RIAM (Royal Irish Academy of Music) Certification Preparation. Following a meeting with Dr. Jennifer O’Connor from the […]

The Leap Sessions, 9th August 2016

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful night of music. Some say ‘Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women’ and last night that really applied to the enigmatic Tommy Keyes. In the end, Tommy took centre stage at last nights Leap Sessions at The Salmon Leap Inn and treated an excellent audience to selection of The Best Of… from his three albums […]

Local Music Celebration Hosted By The Vocal Academy

With news filtering through this week that independent music festival, Knockanstockan is to take a years hiatus and return again in 2018 it was funny timing that a week after their last festival for 24 months, The Leap Sessions Collection celebrated it’s first major musical feast on Bank Holiday Monday at the Salmon Leap Inn. […]

Leap Sessions, 12th July

And so the train rolls on and on and on. And woe betide those who miss a night because those that missed last night, missed a very special night indeed. Probably the liveliest of nights we’ve had at The Leap Sessions and certainly the first time we’ve had two bands on the same night. We don’t want […]

Leap Sessions, 27 June

Last Tuesday saw the latest instalment of The Leap Sessions at the Salmon Leap Inn. The night had a distinctly International feel to it with musicians from Poland, Germany and Romania all performing for our lovely audience. Starting proceedings we welcomed Miriam and Lucian who performed three cover songs. With the assistance of Declan Kenny […]

Bell X1 Support The Leap Sessions!

“Hold me, it’s coming” – This is kind of like yesterday afternoon (14th June, 2016) was like for the crew of The Leap Sessions. Only babies at this lark, we’ve had a solid enough start truth be told, to our little bi-monthly soireé at The Salmon Leap Inn in Leixlip. To several respects we’ve really been […]

Leap Sessions, 31st May

Last night we hosted the most recent instalment of The Leap Sessions. Well supported, it was another wonderful advertisement for both local and international, independent musicians. Making her second appearance at tLS was the entrancing Elly D. Elly D launched her debut E.P. ‘Rise’ only last Monday, so we were extra delighted that this be […]

David And Ammani Strike Gold At THE NCH “Song For 16”

David Adderly and Ammani Bengo won the Overall Competition as well as the Primary Category top prize for the Song For 16 schools competition at the National Concert Hall at the weekend. Their song ‘Ireland Is Our Home’ will be now be published and released by Disney Music Group. The song called ‘Ireland Is Our Home’, (written […]

Leap Sessions – 17 May, 2016

Eoghan O’Neill   John Clarke   Declan Kenny   Luke Clerkin Luke Clerkin & Meg LaGrande   Meg LaGrande   Jeremiah Day   Meg LaGrande & Jeremiah Day   Jeremiah Day, Meg LaGrande & Luke Clerkin

Adult Singing Group Showcase Success!

Last night (9 May) saw the culmination of the hard work put in by our singers at their Showcase Event in Leixlip. It seems clichéd to say things like how proud we are, how much work the singers put in, how the singers elevated themselves, how much the audience loved them… but it’s all true! […]

5 Popular Viola performances

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Classical and Contemporary compositions

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How to Make a Career in an orchestra

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The World’s Greatest orchestras

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The Top 8 Colleges for music education

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5 Secrets to Mastering music college audition

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The 9 Different Types of music degrees

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International Piano Festival

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Columbia Kids Week

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Festival of Flutes

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Western Concert flute

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The Best Double bass performances

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LAS VEGAS, April 2 – 9 – IVACON 2016 took place across the other side of ‘The Pond’, last week and in attendance was your very own Vocal Academy. What is IVACON? Well in a nutshell it is the annual meeting of IVA (Institute for Vocal Advancement) teachers from across the globe to get together and […]

Featuring School of Music in a concert of varied repertoire

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New School Term Times

The New School Term Starts Next Week (… or in two weeks!). We are open next week (starting 28th March) for the start of the new term though I understand some people are away, in this case the week beginning the 11th April will be your start to the new term. Available class times (not including […]

The Leap Sessions Lineup

So we have finalised the invitees and willing participants for our inaugural Leap Sessions night this coming Tuesday. For us this is pretty much as perfect a lineup as we could wish to have with various levels of experience and a mix of both local and national performers. First up we have Pearse McGloughlin who […]

Music Therapy: career and salary overview

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The Leap Sessions – March 8, 2016

It is with great excitement and abandon that The Vocal Academy announces the upcoming birth of The Leap Sessions which will begin on Tuesday 8th March, 2016 at the beautiful, historic Salmon Leap Inn on the River Liffey in Leixlip. The Leap Sessions was started in order to fill the void for singer/songwriters, acoustic musicians, […]

Adult Singing Classes Return

FEBRUARY 22 The anticipation can end. The arrangements put in place. Dust off that old Sequin Jacket. The return of the Adult Singing Group Class has been announced. We had such good fun the last time around we really cannot wait for the new classes to start! Culminating in a wonderful Showcase Night at the […]

Guitar Lessons Just Got Better!!

We are delighted to announce that we are going from “Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Monday’s” to “Manic Monday’s” with the arrival of guitar extraordinaire David McDonald, joining the team to teach Guitar on Monday’s! David McDonald is both an experienced guitar teacher and performer. He has been teaching one on one guitar for […]

Top List of World’s best symphonies

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Viola and Composition departments collaborate

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Happy New Year

  Happy New Year! And we really mean that. Happy. New. Year! There have been many studies undertaken since time and memorial that look into the benefits of singing and I think that it is unequivocal at this point, that Singing can only benefit the person. Here at The Vocal Academy in Leixlip we totally […]

Vocal Academy Adult Singing Class Showcase 2015

December 7, 2015. The historic Salmon Leap Inn at the confluence of the River Rye and the River Liffey, sitting on the border of County Kildare and County Dublin on a windy and wet Monday evening was the setting for the first Vocal Academy Adult Singing Class Showcase. Five wonderful, brave souls – 10 weeks ago […]

VA Student, Lynn Redmond Treads The Boards At The Helix Panto

Vocal Academy student Lynn Redmond is now in her 3rd year performing at TheatreWorx Christmas Panto, Jack & The Beanstalk which runs until January 10th. For one so young, Lynn is a highly experienced performer having studied theatre at RADA in London, as well as performing at the Helix Lynn has also had 8 Tours with Costa Cruise […]

Black Friday Offer!

Black Friday At The Vocal Academy We at The Vocal Academy are delighted to be taking part in our first ever Black Friday Promotion. We are offering YOU 25% off ALL of our services! This is a one day only offer so get booking! The only way you can book this offer is via EMAIL. Please […]

Alanna Maher’s New Single

County Cavan Singer and student of The Vocal Academy released her very first single ‘Mind Your Own Biscuits” on 28th October. “I’m delighted to show you all my brand new single and first ever music video!! We had a lot of fun making both the song and video and I hope you all enjoy it!!,” […]

VA Student Lands Her First Professional Role

Vocal Academy Student, Cara Adderly has landed her first professional role and is about to start rehearsals for this years Helix Pantomime, Jack & The Beanstalk. Cara (along with her brother David, who also attended Vocal Summer Camp this summer) will be part of the ensemble and are thrilled and excited about this new step […]

Adult Showcase Night Announced

We’re delighted to announce that we have confirmed the venue and date for our Adult Group Class Showcase which will take place on Monday 7th December at the historical Salmon Leap Inn at Liffey Bridge, Leixlip. We would dearly love all the support that you could give these brave soldiers who are currently being put […]

New Website for The Vocal Academy

Welcome to the new website of The Vocal Academy. Since moving to our own premises in June this year (2015) things have been on the up and up. Moving to a new website at this stage is a reflection of the same thing. The move to the new studio has allowed us to grow our […]

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