Bobby Harpur (Vocals)

Bobby is a Singer, a Vocal Technique Instructor and founder of The Vocal & Music Academy. Bobby studied vocal pedagogy with The Institute for Vocal Advancement from 2013 where he has worked with Jeffrey Skouson, Spencer Welch, Stephanie Borm Kreuger, Kathy Kennedy, Linda Tomkinson and Guy Babusek. He has also studied with Andres Martorell, Dave Stroud and Professor at Berklee College of Music, Pat Pattison.

Passionate about singing and healthy technique Bobby strives to help his students open doors they never thought they had the key to.

As well as teaching singing, Bobby’s vocation has led him to develop and promote new platforms where people feel safe enough to sing. To this end Bobby has introduced Pub Cór (#WeAreNotAChoir), Gleexlip (for young singers), Couch to Performance Adult Singing Group, The Leap Sessions (Open Mic) and works with Parke House Nursing Home with their Singing Club for people living with old age, dementia and other age related issues.

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