Piotr Sznyter (Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele)

First and foremost, I am a vocalist and a great fan of vocal art. I am a former member of such choirs as Minstrel 1994-1998 in Płock, Poland, Nicholas Copernicus University Academic Choir 1998-2003, vocal ensemble Fuga Mundi 2000-2003, and Astrolabium Chamber Choir 2002-2006 in Toruń, Poland — and I am eternally thankful for choral music and grateful to the conductors of these choirs for igniting and inspiring my passion at the start of my adventures in singing.

By education, I am an English teacher with over 20 years experience from Poland and Ireland alike, but as long as I remember, I have been passionate about music in its various forms and genres. I am a singer-songwriter and co-founder of such music projects as Joyful Noiz 2007-2014, KINT 2014-2018, Aqustica 2018-2019, and now since 2019 DUB Intruda, all based in Ireland.

Since 2012 I have been working with my vocal mentor Andres Martorell, and since 2013 I have been a participant of several editions of the European Vocal Camp, intensive and comprehensive musical workshops for vocalists held in Poland and abroad. Working with methods based on neuroscience and developing artistry, I am proud to say I am a member of the European Vocal Camp family.

As of 2017 I have been working as a vocal coach as part of Modern Vocal Training (currently Level 3). Also if you’re looking to get started on Guitar, Piano or Ukulele I am a great starting point for you.

I am looking forward to exploring the magic in our students’ voices.