Victoria Chernousova (Piano)

Victoria is an accomplished and passionate pianist with a lifelong affinity for music. Her musical jounrey commenced at the tender age of four when her fascination with musical instruments first blossomed. At that youthful age, she embarked on a dual journey, mastering both the piano and cello, and soon after, found herself drawn to choral singing and orchestral participation.

With over 16 years of unwavering dedication to music, Victoria’s talents have earned her numerous accolades in competitions spanning across Ireland, representing distinguished institutions such as the DIT Conservatory of Music and The Royal Irish Academy of Music. She diligently completed all grade levels under the esteemed Royal Irish Academy of Music, a testament to her relentless pursuit of musical excellence.

Inspired by her unyielding passion for music, Victoria ventured into the realm of teaching, becoming an instructor with a rich and diverse teaching experience spanning six years. Her instructional prowess has been honed both in private tutelage as well as the structured environment of music schools. Along this journey, she has developed a repertoire of innovative techniques tailored to empower her students to reach their fullest potential.

Victoria’s teaching philosophy is built upon the notion of personalisation, recognising that each student harbours unique aspirations. Whether a student seeks the joy of playing for leisure or strives to conquer challenging grade levels, Victoria crafts her lessons to meet these individualistic goals. Her commitment to nurturing the musical growth of her students is palpable, and her teaching approach radiates positivity, making learning a delightful, engaging, and rewarding experience for all.