Zoom Settings for Music Classes

Zoom Classes - Guitar, Piano & Vocal Lessons


Now that we have finally embraced Online Classes it is important to get the most from your time. To this end it is important to note that ZOOM is defaulted to facilitate meetings. Basically, talking and speech. The upshot as it relates to Music is that some frequencies can be lost as the voice or music instrument moves up toward the higher end of the Frequency Scale resulting in a drop out in sound.

To rectify this you will need to make some alterations to the Settings before your class.

Audio Setting (Important)
In Zoom click the Settings Cog in the Top Right of the window or click your profile picture and choose settings.
In the Options on the left Click into AUDIO (1)
Microphone should be set at 60-70% (2)
Automatically Adjust Microphone (Untick) (3)

Suppress Background Noise (Low) (4)
Echo Cancellation (Off) (5)

iPhone or iPad
If you are on iPad or iPhone you may not have access to all of the above options so you need to switch OFF ‘Use Original Sound’ in the Meeting Settings.
Online Class Information:
Please ensure you have your backing track (YouTube Instrumental/Karaoke Track) ready to use or other on a separate device.
Make sure you have a recording device (Phone or other) ready to record your lesson
If you have issues with Zoom there are other options Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc. Make sure you inform your instructor in good time if you need to use one of the alternatives.
Your Teacher will spend the first few minute bringing you through how an Online Lesson works as there are slight differences to a traditional Face To Face class.
Most important, ENJOY! They can be great fun.


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